Arron Banks turns to science to prove he's not a fibber

Written by James Millar on 1 August 2018 in Diary

Loadsamoney Ukip backer takes lie detector test despite admitting to untruths in the past

Controversial Brexit backer Arron Banks has announced on Twitter that he's taken a lie-detector test to prove he did not get up to anything dodgy with the Russians.

The mining and insurance magnate who funded Leave.EU posted photos on Twitter of himself wired up to a polygraph. The machine works by detecting signs of fluctuating stress level as questions are asked of the subject.



Banks was asked three times if he'd ever received Russian funding for the Brexit campaign. According to one report of the test his answers were rated +9 while anything over +2 is regarded as truthful.

However the technology is widely discredited and evidence from lie detector tests is not admissable in UK or US courts. Banks, and his sidekick Andy Wigmore who also posted photos of the stunt, admitted that they lied to journalists in the course of the Brexit campaign when they gave evidence in parliament earlier in the summer as part of the DCMS committee's investigation into social media and Russian interference in the referendum. 

The lie detector episode was mocked and criticised on social media.



However Banks, who has also recently admitted giving money to a Lesotho government minister but insists it was not a bribe connected to his mining interests in the area, called out his critics and urged journliast Carole Cadwalladr and former Labour spin doctor turned prominent Remain campaigner Alistair Campbell to take a similar lie detector test.

Campbell insisted he'd been cleared by the many inquiries into his time in government.



Banks has been busy on social media this week following the DCMS report committee findings that members were not satisfied that all of his Brexit came from UK sources. He also called Chuka Umunna 'dopey' when he informing him via Twitter that the US, Canada and Japan are not in the G7. All three are in the G7.

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