Boris Johnson is finally moving out, and moving up

Written by James Millar on 1 August 2018 in Diary

Turns out the Tories love a quitter as BoJo's popularity soars since he walked out of the Cabinet

If Boris Johnson's career has been all about his personal ambition to become Prime Minister then quitting as Foreign Secretary may have been his best move yet.

According to a regular poll of Conservative party members he has leapt in to top spot when they are asked who they want to lead the party next.

Last month he was languishing at just 8% in the ConservativeHome poll. But since he followed David Davis through the Cabinet exit door Tories have started backing him in droves and he's now up at 30%. That puts him on top of the poll for the first time since he first came out for Brexit in March 2016. Michael Gove's decision to back the Prime Minister's Chequers plan for Brexit has had the reverse effect - his poll rating has plummeted ten points to 7%. Sajid Javid continues to occupy second place in the poll.

The news comes as Johnson severs his final ties with the Foreign Office - he's finally moving out of Carlton Gardens, the grace and favour residence of the foreign secretary. It's not clear why it's taken him over a fornight to quit the property but removal vans have been spotted there this week along with members of Johnson's family.

It's understood Jeremy Hunt is waiting to move in with his family. Thankfully the £20 million property has plenty of bedrooms given he might be crashing in the spare room after his gaffe earlier in this week in which he described his Chinese wife as Japanese. 

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