David Gauke has to clear up yet another Chris Grayling whoopsie

Written by James Millar on 27 July 2018 in Diary

List of blunders committed by Grayling while Justice Secretary grows

Justice Secretary David Gauke today announced that plans to part-privatise the probation service are being scrapped at a cost of £170 million. It's yet another policy introduced by Chris Grayling during his time at the department that has been unpicked after he left.

A total of nine of his flagship measures have been undone raising questions about what he actually achieved during three years in charge of the justice system. Other failures included banning prisoners from receiving books, a raft of criminal court charges that prompted dozens of magistrates to quit in protest and signing a training contract with Saudi Arabia.

Opposition MPs and those working in the probation service warned that privatisation was unworkable yet Grayling ploughed on with a contract worth over £2 billion which will now be brought to an end two years earlier than planned in 2020.

Grayling is now Transport secretary where he has overseen a string of problems on the railways including a new timetable that caused commuter chaos and taking the east coast mainline back into public ownership. He's also in charge of delivering a third runway at Heathrow, a policy many see as unworkable in practice. He's been dubbed 'Failing Grayling' and Labour have made repeated efforts to use parliamentary procedure to get his salary docked to reflect his poor performance.


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