Dominic Raab finally bites back over 'salacious' claims about his lunch

Written by David Singleton on 2 May 2018 in Diary

'I've been tempted by the spicy Italian baguette from Subway.'

Never mind local elections, Brexit and bullying allegations. Or recent reports that one of Dominic Raab’s staff has been “selling sex to sugar daddies”. The real talking point in SW1 in recent days has concerned the bombshell news that the highly-ambitious housing minister is so stuck-in-his ways that he has exactly the same thing for lunch every day.

Or does he?

Raab's diary secretary aide told the Mirror recently: "He has the chicken Caesar and bacon baguette, superfruit pot and the vitamin volcano smoothie, every day. He is so weird. It’s the Dom Raab Special."

But now the Tory MP has finally stepped forward to dispute the explosive allegations that surfaced last week. Having had six days to decide on his best defence, Raab told Radio5Live:

"Obviously this was a sting on me by the Daily Mirror with a substantial sum of money that went into it, and it seemed the most salacious thing that was disclosed was what I had for lunch."

Raab also dismissed reports that he was dismissive of women and that his staff toasted his departure for the Easter holidays as "nonsense" and "tittle tattle".

Moving onto his controversial lunch order, Raab insisted he had a different feed every day - and that had even thought about straying from Pret.

"It's one of those little things. I'm now getting tweets from Subway making various different offers to me.  But the truth is [it's] not true. In fact I don't recall ever asking my diary secretary to get me lunch.

"But the reality is, I do love a good chicken caesar baguette from Pret, and the reality is sometimes you've just got your head down going through all the paperwork, and the team will often say, 'Can we get you a sandwich?'

"I've been tempted by the spicy Italian baguette from Subway.  But, look, I have something different every day."

Pressed on the spicy Italian baguette from Subway, the minister then showed his cautious side:

"It's meatball in a very thick tomato sauce. I just worry about getting it all over my tie. That's why I haven't been quite brave enough yet."


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