Dominic Raab tries to turns the tables during grilling by peers

Written by Dods staff on 29 August 2018 in Diary

The Brexit secretary was up before the House of Lords EU committee.

Dominic Raab struck a bullish tone as he was taking questions from the House of Lords EU committee today. But did he get a bit confused about the format at one point?

As the Brexit Secretary was grilled on the UK’s negotiating position, he decided to pose his own question to the committee. In a bid to stress the generosity of the UK’s offer, he asked the peers: "Can you name me a single non-EU country that has ever come to free trade agreement negotiations and offered to be bound by a common rulebook on goods and agri-foods in the way that we have?” 

He added: “I think they would be cock-a-hoop in Brussels if during the Canadian or South Korean negotiations or whatever others, there would have been an offer made like that by a non-EU country.”

Alas Labour peer Lord Liddle declined to play along. 

He replied: “We’re doing it to make sure our car industry isn’t destroyed. That’s the real reason isn’t it, or one of the real reasons. We are begging for this because without it we know that we will suffer grave industrial consequences.”

Raab then hit back: “Lord Liddle, that is hyperbole. We don’t beg and I certainly don’t beg.”

The tone of proceddings was a bit lighter when a mobile phone sounded in the committee room. Raab joked: “It’s probably someone from Brussels trying to check in on the money.”




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