Everyone is sad about Brexit

Written by James Millar on 27 March 2018 in Diary

No-one is gaining and it's all going to end badly according to research one year on from Theresa May triggering Article 50

New research into public attitudes around the UK's withdrawal from the EU has round that most people think no-one is winning from Brexit, negotiations are going badly and it won't end well.

The BritainThinks team drew on a poll of over 2000 people and a team of diarists picked to represent the public at large and asked to keep a note of their thoughts and feelings about Brexit. While most punters can reel off a list of losers from the UK leaving the EU they struggle to identify any winners. 'Big business' and 'the elite' were most likely to be picked as winners despite business broadly opposing Brexit and the vote being interpreted by many as a kick against an EU supporting elite. Voters also blame 'the elite' for negotiations going badly with two thirds of people saying discussions between Brexit Secretary David Davis and Michel Barnier are not going well. Many blame the EU for sabotaging negotiations and just a quarter of people said they expected the UK to get a good deal. 

One Leave voter told researchers: "The process is everlasting, tedious and confusing."

Tom Clarkson, Associate Director at BritainThinks led the research and delivered this assessment: “The fact that both Leavers and Remainers currently see few winners from Brexit underlines that the public mood towards the Government’s course in negotiations is very negative. With most voters bored of media coverage on the topic by now, it’s unclear how the current Government can emerge from negotiations with its reputation in credit.”

The research did find widespread support among both Leave and Remain voters for another referendum on the final deal when it is reached. However they warned remainers not to get their hopes up that another poll would stop Brexit as there has been little change in people's opinions since June 2016.


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