Gavin Williamson fails to answer question and gets ‘terminated’ by Richard Madeley

Written by Dods staff on 29 May 2018 in Diary

Watch: The defence secretary was asked about his 'very causal Trump-esque language'.

Earlier this year, Gavin Williamson impressed pretty much nobody when he railed against “what Russia did in Salisbury”.

In an attack on Vladimir Putin that would not have looked out of place in a nursery school, he declared: “Russia should go away, it should shut up.”

A few months later, the defence secretary might have been hoping that his ill-judged outburst was fading from journalists’ memories.

But Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley made it clear today that he was not letting it go…


Richard Madeley: "Do you regret using very causal Trump-esque language… Do you regret that language? That is the question."

Gavin Williamson: "Well, what was right was actually we came together with our allies and made it absolutely clear to Russia…"

Richard Madeley: "You’re not going to answer are you? Ok. All right, interview terminated because you won’t answer the question.

"Good luck with the African elephant project, that is an excellent thing to do. But it would be helpful if you answered a straight question with a straight answer."





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