Gina Miller threatens to sue the government again

Written by James Millar on 23 March 2018 in Diary

Businesswoman who forced Theresa May to put Article 50 to a vote overshadows Lib Dem leader at Lib Dem event

The Lib Dems organised a series of seminars to discuss Brexit with just over a year until the UK leaves the EU this morning. But as is becoming normal the party leader Vince Cable failed to make much of an impact, while businesswoman and transparency campaigner Gina Miller committed news.

Miller, the face of the court campaign that successfully forced the government to give MPs a vote on whether to trigger Article 50, said she would take the government back to court unless they grant a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

Tory rebels amended the EU withdrawal bill last year, writing in a new clause committing the government to hold a vote on the final deal. However politicians opposed to Brexit are wary that Theresa May and her team will find a way to hold a vote that is not binding. Miller warned she'll sue the administration again and she spoke about the disastrous effect she believes Brexit will have on business.

Cable was appearing at the 'Brexit minus 365' event, held 371 days before Brexit actually happens, after an awkward gaffe at the European parliament yesterday. After meeting European leaders the Lib Dems trumpeted the fact eight EU Prime Ministers were now backing their plan for a second referendum. However within minutes the liberal group in Brussels distanced themselves from the claim and it turned out one of the prime ministers listed had in fact resigned days earlier.

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