How to deal with a ‘difficult’ minister like Dominic Raab

Written by Dods staff on 26 April 2018 in Diary

An aide to the top Tory MP joked about buying the minister a hash brownie to loosen him up.

The civil servant who organises the diary of housing secretary Dominic Raab is selling sex on a website for “sugar daddies”, it has been reported.

In a classic tabloid sting, an undercover Daily Mirror reporter posed as a wealthy businessman and was allegedly offered “full undisputed access” to the woman for £750.

But of more interest to many SW1 insiders, the diary secretary also revealed what she really thought of the housing minister:

“Our team... there are three women and two men and he struggles with that. It’s something everybody’s noticed. So we find it very difficult to manage him.

“He’s very tunnel vision. He’s not very open-minded. Not very open to discussion. He’s difficult to work with. I think he thinks he’s the prime minister.”

She also joked about buying the minister a hash brownie to loosen him up.

“I would love to get him high. He would lose his sh*t. He would. Oh, my god. When things go out of line he panics.”


And  - perhaps most explosively - she claimed that Raab eats exactly the same lunch every day.


"It’s from Pret. He has the chicken Caesar and bacon baguette, superfruit pot and the vitamin volcano smoothie every day. 


"He is so weird. I get it for him. I go to Pret. That’s how I know. It’s the Dom Raab Special."


Raab is yet to comment...



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