'I did not have text-ual relations with that man..David Cameron'

Written by James Millar on 18 December 2018 in Diary

Theresa May trashes claims she's been taking tips from her predecessor

The nation's top political journalists seem to have confused real life with a US comedy show after claiming that Theresa May has been getting advice from David Cameron on how to handle Brexit.

ITV's Robert Peston started the ball rolling when he claimed Cameron was 'back seat driving' Brexit. That story was initially backed up by the BBC. However when asked about it in the House of Commons by Lib Dem Layla Moran the Prime Minister insisted Cameron was "not advising" her and that she hasn't spoken to him for a month. 

At the weekend iconic US satire show Saturday Night Live featured a skit mocking Theresa May in which she receives a visit from David Cameron, played by Oscar winner Matt Damon, to talk about Brexit.



Some commentators have wondered if the two haven't got mixed up..



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