Jared O’Mara makes a bid to blame Eminem for his past homophobia

Written by David Singleton on 23 October 2018 in Diary

And people didn't listen when he said he liked going to a local gay bar...

Jared O’Mara has already said he is “ashamed” of sexist and homophobic comments he posted on social media in his early 20s.

“I was in a bad place back then, and after being bullied and called many of those abusive slurs myself, I repeated them as a way of deflecting from my own low self-esteem and depression,” he explained earlier this year before resigning from the Labour party.

But speaking in a Westminster Hall debate about  autism this week, the independent MP struck a rather different tone. After telling MPs how high levels of “heckling and aggression” at PMQs made if hard to attend because of his autism, he went on to hit out at people who took him to task last year: 

“A year ago, I tried to hang myself in a hotel over the road, because people were bullying me over things that I did not understand when I was 20 or 22. They made false accusations of sexism and homophobia. They did not listen to the interviews I had done. They did not listen to me talk about how I am an intersectional feminist and about equality. 

“They did not listen to me when I said that my local pub, where I have been going all the time for 12 years, is a gay bar.

“I used homophobic words, but they were the words of the time; they were on the Eminem record that I listened to at the time.”

Alas during the Westminster hall debate. O’Mara was cut off by chair Cheryl Gillan before he could reveal when Eminem had said it would be funny if the jazz star Jamie Cullum were sodomised with his own piano….





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