Jeremy Corbyn gets the Tracey Ullman treatment - but fans can't see the funny side

Written by Dods staff on 3 June 2018 in Diary

Watch: The Corbyn character is seen taking selfies with young men who he meets at a taxi rank outside an airport.

"Always have, and still do love Tracy Ullman - her Nicola Sturgeon is brilliant! Sorry boss ... ... but it is."

So stated Lina Fabiani, SNP MSP for East Kilbride, in February last year.

To the credit of Scotland’s first minister, she appeared to take the caricature on the chin – by replying to her colleague with a winking face emoji.

On Friday, Ullman’s show – Tracey Breaks the News – returned for a second season. And loyal fans of Jeremy Corbyn showed themselves to be no match for senior SNP figures when it comes to having a robust sense of humour.

After Ulmann impersonated the Labour leader and mocked his approach dealing with anti-Semitism, one Corbyn supporter implored the comedian to “fuck off back to America”.

Many others furiously (and falsely) claimed that David Baddiel wrote the sketch, prompting the writer and comedian to describe the accusations as “the weirdest conspiracy theory” he had ever seen.

He also told The Guardian: "It does speak of something unconscious which is their sense that everything must involve elitist conspiracy, that it’s all connected and that anyone who they believe is trying to stop Corbyn getting into power must have links and be working together."

But at least one Labour figure did have something sensible to say about Ullman's impersonation.

Labour London Assembly Member Tom Copley stated: "I'm genuinely wondering how the people getting worked up over that Tracey Ullman sketch would cope if Spitting Image was still on TV."






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