Labour and Conservatives divided - over Theresa May dancing on to the stage

Written by David Singleton on 3 October 2018 in Diary

Watch: The prime minister did a few moves to ABBA's Dancing Queen.

As Theresa May limbered up for her Tory conference speech, a few things were widely expected of the prime minister.

She would almost certainly begin with a self-deprecating joke about the letters not falling off the backdrop this year. She probably would lay into Labour by talking about the return of Militant. And there would of course be a few attempts to justify her approach to Brexit.

Helpfully the various possibilities were all outlined on social media by super-sharp former Labour adviser Theo Bertram.





Something that only one person (step forward The Guardian’s Gaby Hinsliff) appeared to see coming was the prime minister dancing her way on the stage as ABBA’s Dancing Queen was blasted out.

Was it a smart way of showing that she is relaxed and upbeat? Or a cringeworthy attempt to distract from Brexit and disguise her Maybot tendencies? Naturally opinions over the prime minister’s entrance were split over party lines.

"From the moment she came on dancing, you could see she had her mojo," health secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC.

On Twitter, Tory MP Michael Fabricant thought the dancing was was “totally brill” while colleague James Cleverely said her entrance was “classy”.

Labour’s Diane Abbott had a slightly different take on the prime minister’s big entrance. “So Theresa May comes on stage for her big conference speech...dancing. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be sacked. I am looking at you Robbie Gibb.”

Her colleague Marsha de Cordova went for: "Stop dancing around the truth @ theresa_may – a no deal will be a national disaster & we all know it."

And Rupa Huq questioned the soundtrack. "More Take A Chance On Me than Dancing Queen sadly," jibed the Labour MP.









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