Labour MPs called on to shift tickets for 'Jezfest' summer extravaganza

Written by Dods staff on 15 May 2018 in Diary

It seems that tickets for the 20,000-capacity event are not exactly flying out the door.

It has been dubbed 'Jezfest'. As well as the Absolute Boy himself, attendees of next month's London Live event will get to hear from shadow cabinet big-hitters John McDonnell and Kate Osamor, as well as Owen Jones and Rachel Shabi. And there will be music from the Magic Numbers, Jermaine Jackman, Reverend and the Makers and more.

The event on 16 June hopes to recreate the magic of last summer's Glastonbury festival when the Labour leader addressed his adoring crowd, who serenaded him with the anthemic 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' song.

However, it seems that tickets for the 20,000-capacity event are not exactly flying out the door. One insider familiar with the situation says that by the end of last week, only 1,800 had been shifted.

So worried are organisers that Labour officials have now emailed MPs urging them to use their social media accounts to drum up some much-needed publicity. And they don't even have to worry about thinking up their own posts. They just have to click on a link and - hey presto - it's all done for them.

The email - passed to PoliticsHome - says: "MPs are asked to help promote the festival – including amongst their own CLP members - by sharing the below tweets or facebook posts on their social media accounts.

"We’re (sic) written a selection of tweets for you to send out from your CLP/MP account. Pick one or two that you like best.”

It adds that MPs just need to click a link “and it will create an automatic tweet for you to tweet from your CLP/MP page”.

Labour sources insist that the total number of tickets sold is higher than 1,800, but they are remaining tight-lipped about the precise figure.

A Labour party spokesperson said: "Labour LIVE will be a festival of music, art and politics. It is a fun-packed day out for the whole family and we encourage everyone to take part. Ticket sales have been positive, and we are offering free tickets to under-14s. We look forward to hosting Labour LIVE with our supporters and everyone from the local community."





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