Momentum boss: Jeremy Corbyn wants to be PM ‘for a bit’

Written by Dods staff on 8 May 2018 in Diary

Jon Lansman said the leader would not be quitting before 2022.

By the next general election in 2022, Jeremy Corbyn will be almost 73. The question of whether he will lead his party into that election or make way for a favoured successor (insiders point to Emily Thornberry or Angela Rayner) is a live one in some Labour circles.

But one leading figure on Labour’s left has insisted that Corbyn will not hand over the reins in the next four years.

In an interview with POLITICO, Momentum founder Jon Lansman says: “There will not be any voluntary departure before the election.”

And he adds, a tad enigmatically: “I think he wants to be prime minister for a bit as well.”

But Tom McTague does get Lansman to acknowledge that Corbyn can't actually go on forever:

"Momentum will outlive Jeremy, no question. If we survive we have to work out a new way of living without the same kind of commitment to the current leader."

Lansman also uses to interview to suggest that Momentum could start developing its own policy platform. And to argue for more cash to spend on election ads such as ‘Dad, do you hate me? – which was watched by 14 million people in 2017.

"If they gave us £20,000, that would enable us to enormously increase the amount of money we were spending on Facebook advertising … and have much more impact," he says.










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