Nicola Sturgeon takes her cues from Tony Blair and Winston Churchill

Written by David Singleton on 9 October 2018 in Diary

The SNP leader was speaking at her party’s annual conference.

Tony Blair once delivered a Labour party conference speech in which he boldy declared that Britain could be a beacon to the world

"I want a Britain that is defined to the world as a beacon of tolerance, liberty and enterprise.... Britain will not be the mightiest nation of the 21st century in size or population; but it can be the best, it can be that beacon to the world," he said in 1999.

In her SNP party conference speech, Nicola Sturgeon sounded a little like Blair while talking about an independent Scotland.

"Just think how much more hope will be possible when we take Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands and become an independent country. An independent Scotland, just as Scotland is now, will be a beacon for progressive values - equality, opportunity, diversity and fairness,” she said.

The SNP leader contrasted this with the scene in Westminster where the government "stumbles from day to day and disaster to disaster". But it was another former prime minister that she turned to when delivering her most damning verdict on the government’s handling of Brexit.

"In 2014, we were told we had to reject independence to protect our place in Europe. Today, we face warnings of medicines shortages, grounded aeroplanes, gridlock at ports and a haemorrhaging of investment," she said.

"They’ve even appointed a Minister for Food Supplies, for goodness sake.We haven’t had one of those since Winston Churchill was prime minister. Conference. It brings to mind those immortal Churchill words about the sacrifices of the RAF in World War 2 - never was so much owed by so many to so few."

Sturgeon added: "Well when the history books tell the story of this Tory government, selfishly driving the UK towards a hard Brexit just to appease its own ideologues, the verdict will be damning.

"Never has so much been lost by so many to satisfy so few."





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