Sajid Javid tells Tories they could learn from his kids… and Diane Abbott

Written by David Singleton on 2 October 2018 in Diary

The home secretary was at Tory conference with wife Laura.

Tory MPs are in no doubt that Sajid Javid is on manoeuvres for the leadership. And he appears to be quite happy with his progress to date.

When he addressed a ConservativeHome party conference fringe event about how the Tories could broaden their electoral appeal, Javid begun by making it clear that he enjoyed regularly being named by ConservativeHome as the most popular member of the cabinet.

“Thank you very much for your cabinet league table, that’s a fantastic table,” he joshed.

He then spoke about how the Tories needed to do more to appeal to ethnic minorities and more to tackle the housing crisis. And how they could learn from his kids.

“We aren’t communicating on the same platform that young people are using to consume media. I’ve got four children, three teenagers. They’re all interested in the news, my teenagers. And none of them - unless there’s a big picture of me - have ever had reason to look at a printed newspaper. Not that I do that all the time.

“They don’t watch TV… the only thing they look at is either smartphones or streaming from their smartphones to the smart TV set. And that is how they consume their news, that’s how young people consume the news… The truth is in the 217 election our campaign our social media campaign was appalling compared to Labour. They were operating at 4G and we were back on 2G.”

But the home secretary ensured that he saved his most shocking message for the main hall shortly afterwards.  

Progress in politics requires role models and pioneers, he told the audience. Including people the Conservatives wouldn’t normally praise at their party conference. Such as Diane Abbott.

“Yes, Diane Abbott. We might disagree with the shadow home secretary on almost all her policies. But it takes guts and determination to become the first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons. And we should pay tribute to that.”






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