Theresa May makes Conservative MPs a Brexit offer they can't decipher

Written by David Singleton on 13 June 2018 in Diary

Nicky Morgan and Robert Buckland gave contrasting accounts to the Today programme.

On Tuesday evening, the government averted a rebellion on Brexit by finally making Remainers an offer on parliament’s power to shape the final Brexit deal.

But just how generous was Theresa May?

One of the potential rebels, Nicky Morgan, told the Today programme that  the prime minister was very much open to letting parliament have the final say on Brexit:

“What was agreed was the prime minister understood that parliament wants to have a real say, in all circumstances, in relation to what’s going to happen in the Brexit deal ...

“It was the prime minister’s personal assurance that was very important to us. And she has given us that, and those discussions on how we are going to build on the amendment that has been approved by the House of Commons will start today."

But solicitor general Robert Buckland, who first mentioned a concession during the Commons debate, had a rather different view. He told the same programme that he was very much not interested in letting parliament having the final say on Brexit.

“It’s important, I think, to reiterate the point that was made by David Davis, and others, yesterday, that the concept of directing the government to do something if there was no deal, I think is not something that is acceptable…

“It would tie the hands of the government in a way that I think could make no deal more likely. So, let’s not go down that road.”

Meanwhile on Newsnight, political editor Nick Watt said there was “deep concern” in David Davis's camp last night.

Not that anyone would have guessed from seeing the Brexit secretary chatting away amiably at lobbying firm Hanover’s swanky drinks party at the Mondrian hotel…



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