Tom Watson refuses to take Brexit lessons from Alastair Campbell

Written by Dods staff on 27 May 2018 in Diary

So much for the war between Blairites and Blairites being over...

Keir Starmer is “taking us for fools”, opined New Labour spin doctor-turned-anti-Brexit campaigner Alastair Campbell in a piece for The Guardian a few days ago.

He added: “He risks enabling Brexit without the people being given a final say on the deal on the utterly spurious grounds that no one will know the full consequences of leaving Europe until after we’ve left. A lawyer as good as Keir should be embarrassed to make such an argument.”

But that was on Saturday. On Sunday, the former New Labour spin supremo moved on to attacking the deputy leader on the same ground.

The pair went head-to-head on ITV's Peston On Sunday, with insisting that Labour should respond more robustly to none of its six tests for Brexit being met by Theresa May

“I think the Labour Party should actually follow the logic of that through now and start campaigning clearly in saying that the Brexit deal that she's bringing back - there's no way that Labour can support it if those tests are to mean anything.”

Watson, a former ally of Gordon Brown, then hit back - by downgrading Tony Blair’s former spin supremo to mere press officer status.

“I know you used to be a party, sort of, communications officer but you’re now talking to me as editor of the New European. You’ve got a very strong position on. We’ve have to listen to the whole of the British people on this on this…. You know longer decide Labour policy. I know you’d like to.”








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