Tory Brexiteers still want more after dinner with Theresa May's top aides

Written by David Singleton on 12 September 2018 in Diary

Watch: John Baron said the Tory leadership was on the menu when he met Robbie Gibb and Gavin Barwell

As Eurosceptic Tory MPs huff and puff, Number 10 is getting increasingly anxious about the prospect of a Commons rebellion over Brexit.

Theresa May recently ordered her all-powerful communications director and chief of staff to sell the Chequers plan to various hardcore Brexiteers at a series of dinners. The thinking is that if a handful of Brexiteer MPs can be convinced to hold their noses and vote for the Chequers deal, then it should be possible to get it through the Commons with the help of a few Labour Leavers. 

So how have Robbie Gibb and Gavin Barwell been getting on?

Alas, footage suggests that last night’s first meal, with top rabble rousers Andrew Bridgen and John Baron, may not have gone quite to plan.

Asked by ITV News after the dinner if there would be a coup against the prime minister, Bridgen left the door wide open.

“I think we will just have to wait and see. I hope that the Prime Minister will take on board what she’s heard and chuck Chequers.”

He added ominously: “I’ve been told that she will get a full appraisal of comments that were made over the dinner.”

His colleague John Baron also suggested that rather than discussing how to prevent a Commons rebellion on Brexit, they were more focused on “discussing leadership issues”. 

Things can only get better…









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