Tory MP explains how Theresa May could be gone in two weeks

Written by David Singleton on 11 October 2018 in Diary

Mark Pritchard's chat makes David Davis look like a model of loyalty to the Tory leadership.

Many disgruntled Tory MPs claim that they don’t want to get rid of Theresa May. On the whole they are behind her leadership. They just want her to change policy on Brexit. 

But has one of their number had enough of sticking to the script?

A year ago, Mark Pritchard was saying that the prime minister should sack disloyal MPs. Now he is telling everyone that it would only take two weeks to get rid of the PM. Or as the MP for The Wrekin tweeted this morning:

“Lots of wild and loose talk about leadership moves. There is no vacancy. However, on a technical point, if a vacancy did arise process need not take more than 2 working weeks – 4 days in Commons (if needed) and 6 days with membership – does not need to be an overly long process.”



The cheeky tweet by the Remain-voting MP makes certain Brexiteers look like models of loyalty to the Tory leadership.

Appearing on the Peston show on Wednesday night, David Davis said that the Chequers plan amounted to "a £39 billion pig in a poke". But he was clear that while he disagreed with May on Brexit he had no interest whatsoever in removing her.

“It isn’t the only decision she has to take. Being a prime minister is many other things. Today, I don’t think Prime Minister’s Questions talked about Brexit at all, it talked about a lot of other very important issues – mental health, the NHS more generally,” saud the former Brexit secretary.

“There’s a matter of principle here where we differ. It’s not the first time I’ve differed from my party on natters of principle as you well know. It doesn’t mean I want to remove the government or remove the prime minister, just the reverse. 

“She’s a very good prime minister, it’s just that we differ on this.”










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