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Zac Goldsmith

Battling over Brexit and Heathrow: on the campaign trail in Richmond Park

25 November 2016
“I don’t think there’s anyone in the country less keen on fighting another election than I am,”...
John Major

John Major interview: I didn’t anticipate Maastricht was going to be controversial

24 November 2016
On the 10th December 1991, John Major returned to London from the Dutch city of Maastricht, where...
Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond interview: I hit the referendum button. Why would Nicola Sturgeon be reluctant?

13 October 2016
A twinkle in his eye, Alex Salmond mischievously grins: “This Irish lady keeps tempting me.” The...
Margaret Hodge

Margaret Hodge interview: Corbyn and his clique will never win power

21 September 2016
Margaret Hodge is sporting a healthy glow after a summer break in Sicily. “I’ve had a really good...
Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab: In politics you never know what’s around the corner

15 September 2016
On 9 May, five Tory Brexiteers sat down for dinner to take stock of the referendum campaign. The...
Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson: I'll never do anything more important in politics than this

23 May 2016
It is sometimes (rather unfunnily) said that there are more pandas in Scotland than Conservative...
Tom Pursglove

Tom Pursglove interview: I woke up aged 13 and knew I wanted to be a politician

3 May 2016
Few people know exactly what they want to do at a young age. For those who do, footballer and pop...
Johnny Mercer

Johnny Mercer interview: I worry about the Tory party going out to the right

25 February 2016
Is hard man MP Johnny Mercer about to throw in the towel? As a former captain with the 29 Commando...
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn: 'I don't think Tony Blair is endorsing me for Labour leader'

15 June 2015
Jeremy Corbyn appears to have a habit of leaving things to the last minute. In early June, the...

On the campaign trail: Tim Farron in Kendal

9 April 2015
If the Liberal Democrats are about to fall off a cliff in the general election, one man is keeping...

On the campaign trail: David Cameron does the 'UK-in-a-day'

9 April 2015
“Mine has definitely sagged… Darling, yours looks much better.” David Cameron was in the kitchen of...
Sadiq Khan

On the campaign trail: Sadiq Khan in London

31 March 2015
As the election campaign gets underway for real, Sadiq Khan has detected a new response when he...

Lunch with... David Mellor

16 June 2014
This article is from the June 2014 issue of Total Politics A minister under Thatcher and Major...