Corbyn gets the thumbs up from Lena Dunham… and Tatler

Written by Rod Muir on 6 June 2017 in News

The American actress, writer, producer and director has urged her UK fans to vote on June 8.

Jeremy Corbyn has been backed by actress Lena Dunham as a "fair and just leader" who would provide a welcome contrast with Donald Trump.

The creator of the hit HBO series ‘Girls’ was previously a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. Now she has urged her fans in the UK to vote Labour - and declared that she would do the same if she had a British passport.

Writing on Instagram, Dunham expressed her horror at Trump’s reaction to the London Bridge terror attack.

"Our president has been unable to offer so much as a word of condolence, only using this to push forward his racist and xenophobic agenda," she said.

She added: "We must all work together to quell the tide of hate and complacency. Which is why, despite my US Passport, I desperately urge my U.K. friends/fans/frenemies to get out and vote for the Labour Party.

"With Jeremy Corbyn you have a chance at a fair and just leader who will temper the fascism and darkness of our current American moment. Thank you for considering, for getting your butts out there and for knowing - even when you feel abandoned by electoral politics - that your vote is all we have."

Less helpfully for Corbyn, he has also received what passes for a positive write-up in posho bible Tatler magazine, which has come up 11 facts to prove that he is "posher than you think".

The organ that previously got very excited about David and Samantha Cameron’s wedding notes that the Labour leader "gets married all the time… to women with names like Jane and Claudia".

And that one of his sons "looks just like Zac Goldsmith".



Picture by: Anthony Behar/SIPA USA/PA Images.


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