Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster, says Labour supporter Stephen Hawking

Written by David Singleton on 7 March 2017 in Diary

The renowned physicist also suggested 'some form of world government'.

As if Jeremy Corbyn did not have enough detractors already, he has now come under fire from one of Labour's most distinguished supporters.

The world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has said that the future of humanity faces existential challenges and suggested "some form of world government".

He has also labelled the Labour leader a "disaster" and called for him to quit the job.

Clearly Corbyn didn't quite convince Hawking when the pair sat on the same table at last year's Pride of Britain awards...


"I regard Corbyn as a disaster,” Hawking said in an interview with the Times.

"His heart is in the right place and many of his policies are sound but he has allowed himself to be portrayed as a left-wing extremist."

He told the paper he would still vote for Corbyn at an election but that doing so would be futile.

"I think he should step down for the sake of the party,” he added.

Hawking is a long-time Labour supporter, who publicly endorsed his local Cambridge Labour candidate, Daniel Zeichner, at the 2015 election.

PoliticsHome reports that Hawking was in talks with Labour to stage an intervention on immigration policy - but the plans appear to have been put on hold.

It represents more bad news for Corbyn as a recent YouGov poll found half of Labour members do not think he should lead the party into the 2020 general election.

Elsewhere in his interview, Hawking spoke of the threat posed by climate change and artificial intelligence.

He said: "We need to be quicker to identify such threats and act before they get out of control. This might mean some form of world government.

"But that might become a tyranny. All this may sound a bit doom-laden but I am an optimist. I think the human race will rise to meet these challenges."




Picture by Press Association.

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