Labour use dangerous backdrop as Jeremy Corbyn pledges to bin low wages

Written by David Singleton on 10 April 2017 in Diary

The Labour leader went to Luton to announce his minimum wage rise policy.

Last year, Tony Blair declared that it would be a "very dangerous experiment" for the UK to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn power.

Nearly a year later, the former prime minister is no closer to supporting the current leader of the Labour party. But he may well have approved of one of the messages on display as Corbyn made a campaign visit ahead to Luton ahead of the local elections.

Namely a Luton Town FC flag saying: DANGEROUS.

Labour has said that the minimum wage will rise to £10 an hour within months if it wins the next general election.

Corbyn and John McDonnell headed Luton Town's Kenilworth Road Stadium to publicise the pledge today.

And the pair lined up for a photo with a ‘dangerous’ flag and a large rubbish bin behind them.

“The government’s rebranding of the minimum wage to the national living wage hasn’t dealt with the real problems of low pay and rising cost of living,” said Corbyn.

“That’s why Labour will raise the legal minimum wage for all to at least £10 an hour by 2020, giving more than five and a half million people a pay rise in the process. Labour’s real living wage will immediately boost the incomes and opportunities of more than 20% of the workforce, especially in sectors such as retail, care and hospitality.”




Picture by: Jon Vale/PA Wire/PA Image


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