Mayoral hopeful Andy Burnham wakes up and slams the ‘posh coffee’

Written by David Singleton on 18 April 2017 in Diary

The Labour MP is not buying the government’s ‘barista visa’ plan.

As the battle to be the first mayor of Greater Manchester enters the final stages, Andy Burnham has gone for broke - by signalling his opposition to "posh coffee".

The former Labour MP spoke out in response to new plans being considered by ministers to allow EU migrants to come and work in UK coffee shops.

In an apparent bid to burnish his northern working class credentials, Burnham stated: “Bit bizarre hearing these right-wing calls for a ‘Barista Visa’. God forbid the idea of waiting longer in the morning for their posh coffee.”

But he was quickly ridiculed in some quarters for suggesting that buying a coffee from a chain is a posh or right-wing thing to do.

Twitter users pointed out that Burnham himself was no stranger to a nice coffee – and that he had even claimed for a few on his expenses.





Meanwhile in 2008 when shadow culture secretary, Burnham called for libraries to install coffee shops, book shops and film centres. He said: “Libraries should be a place for families and joy and chatter. The word chatter might strike fear into the heart of traditionalists but libraries should be social places that offer an antidote to the isolation of someone playing on the internet at home.”

Home secretary Amber Rudd is reported to be looking at proposals which would allow young Europeans to work for two years in the UK but would prohibit them from claiming any benefits.

Six metropolitan mayors will be elected on May 4. Along with Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, the Liverpool city region, the west of England, including Bristol, Tees Valley, and Peterborough and Cambridgeshire are also voting.





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