Nigel Farage is now just a ‘shock jock’, says Douglas Carswell

Written by David Singleton on 8 February 2017 in News

The war of words between Ukip’s odd couple rages on.

Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage have not been the best of pals for a while.

Last year, Farage was asked whether Carswell should leave Ukip and replied: "He can do what he likes. I don't care. He's irrelevant."

A few months later, Carswell told The House magazine that Farage’s campaign strategy at the last election cost Ukip support. The party should “take positions on things like immigration and Europe, but not bang on about them obsessively,” he said.

And now Carswell has delivered another dagger to his old boss.

Speaking to Emma Barnett on Radio 5Live, the MP for Clacton said that he thought Farage was seeking “reinvention” away from politics.

He added: “I don’t listen to it myself, but I understand on our local London radio station, he's got a great gig late at night as a shock jock, and I think that's wonderful.

“Nigel’s great strength is articulating alternative points of view…  He’s a former leader (and) like Nick Clegg or David Cameron he's moved on to other things.  And like Nick Clegg and David Cameron, there's perhaps a bit of scope for a bit of reinvention. So I wish him well.

“I think the real significance of what's happened in UKIP since Nigel became a shock jock and moved on is that we've actually started to draw on a whole range of talents… If we have a broader range of UKIP players, like Suzanne Evans, like Paul Nuttall, like Patrick O'Flynn, we'll do much better than we have done".

Carswell also revealed he hadn’t been invited on Farage’s programme yet. And he suggested that if he was invited on, he would probably be doing something else that evening.




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