Cartoonists from London to Nairobi make fun of Theresa May

Written by David Singleton on 12 June 2017 in Culture

George Osborne particularly enjoyed Gerald Scarfe’s treatment of ‘poor old Mrs May’.

As he appeared on the Andrew Marr show, George Osborne stuck the boot into Theresa May by calling her a “dead woman walking”.

But perhaps even more brutal was the former chancellor’s enjoyment of a Gerald Scarfe cartoon in the Sunday Times which he said showed “poor old Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn relieving himself on her”.

Osborne said the drawing was worthy of James Gillray, the influential British caricaturist who was born in 1756 and became known as the father of the political cartoon.

"That is the tradition of Gillray in the 21st century," purred Osborne approvingly.





Other cartoonists were no less savage towards the weakened prime minister.

On Saturday, Times cartoonist Peter Brookes responded with some incredulity to May’s speech on the steps of Downing Street in which she declared that she would continue to "provide certainty and lead Britain forward".





Elsewhere in the world, various cartoonists depicted the prime minister’s decision to call a general election as an act of self-harm. 

They included the Klier cartoon in Belgium which showed May shooting herself in the foot...




And the cartoon in Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung which showed the hapless May as a boxer slumped on the ropes after punching herself out.






In the Netherlands, Tom Janssen looked at how May’s act of self -harm would play out in the Brexit negotiations. The Dutch cartoonist showed the prime minister entering the talks with EU leaders carrying her head in her hands.





Similarly, in South Africa’s Sunday Times, Zapiro had May hanging herself on a Brexit flagpole.

And the Kenyan cartoonist Gado depicted the prime minister swinging from a rope in a hung parliament.















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