Coming soon: Jacob Rees Mogg, the biography - by Lord Ashcroft

Written by David Singleton on 30 November 2018 in Culture

Jacob’s Ladder will be published next summer by Biteback.

What do Jeremy Corbyn, Clement Atlee, Ruth Davidson and Jacob Rees Mogg all have in common?

At first glance not much, perhaps. But as of next summer they will all have been the subject of a biography published by Biteback.

The publishing firm has announced that the Rees Mogg book will be published after 29th March, the date on which Britain is currently set to leave the European Union. It has the working title Jacob’s Ladder and will be authored by Lord Ashcroft - following on from the Conservative peer’s controversial unauthorised biography of David Cameron in 2015.

Announcing the new book, Biteback - which is now headed up by bestselling author and former SAS soldier Andy McNab - called Rees Mogg “one of the most prolific and controversial figures in contemporary British politics”. A statement by the publisher added: “Variously mocked for his traditionalist attitudes and applauded for his conviction politics, Rees-Mogg stands out among the current crop of politicians.”

Lord Ashcroft has described the book as “an exciting project” and research is under way. He is inviting cooperation from all who know the subject.

It is not yet clear how much help Rees Mogg will give. According to a tweet by Channel 4 News political correspondent Michael Crick, the publicity-hungry Tory MP is claiming that he has not encouraged the project.

Rees Mogg told Crick he was “in some part flattered but mainly surprised that the life of a backbench MP could be sufficiently interesting”.



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