Calamity Change: Pro-Remain candidate gets his region wrong

Written by Total Politics Staff on 23 May 2019 in Diary

Change UK's "days since blunder" tally has been reset to zero after a MEP candidate mixed up where he was standing.

It’s been hard to keep up with Change UK. Hard to keep up with their policy on Brexit, hard to keep up with their preferred nomenclature, and hard to keep up with who is leading them.

But one of their MEP candidates has become so befuddled that he can’t even remember where he is meant to be standing for election today.

Jim Godfrey, standing for the party in the South West (we checked), stuck out a tweet this morning in a bid to drum up support for his campaign.

“I work with entrepreneurs and I know how damaging Brexit will be for our economy,” he said.

“A vote for Change UK today is a vote to remain in the EU and a vote to protect our future prosperity.”

Attached was a handy graphic touting his work as a “start-up adviser” and candidate for the South East – the region next to where he is actually standing.



The gaffe was eventually changed, but only after a Twitter user pointed out that Mr Godfrey had become so committed to changing politics that he’d entirely changed where he was standing for election.

At least Mr Godfrey can take some comfort from the fact that his social media blunder pales in significance to his party's wider campaigning efforts this week.

Amid a £87,000 online ad blitz  ahead of polling day, the party spent at least £1,300 promoting an ad which trumpeted their policy of “remaining in the UK”.

Perhaps once the election is over Mr Godfrey will be able to use Change UK as a case study in his private work as a perfect example of how not to run a start-up.

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