Number 10 spinner has to clear up Theresa May's media mess

Written by Kevin Schofield on 11 February 2019 in Diary

The PM is not considering Jeremy Corbyn's customs proposals after all.

In classic Theresa May style, the prime minister wrote back to Jeremy Corbyn last night without managing to make it absolutely clear what she was trying to say.

Hence, she woke up to competing newspaper headlines this morning suggesting she was both warming to the Labour leader’s idea of a permanent customs union with the EU, while also ruling it out.

The Financial Times splashed on: "May offers Brexit concessions to win over wavering Labour MPs."

And the Times picked up on protest by Liz Truss and went with: "Soft Brexit talks with Labour risk Cabinet split."

But the front page of The Metro had: "PM - I'm Jez saying no... May rejects Corbyn's conditions for his backing over Brexit."

The PM's spokesman was pretty unequivocal at this morning's lobby briefing, telling us: “We're absolutely clear on this - we're not considering Jeremy Corbyn's customs proposals."

Which rather begs the question: Why didn’t she just say that in her letter?



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