Public hooked on MPs' Brexit antics as Parliament TV viewing figures soar

Written by Staff on 11 April 2019 in Diary

The nation may not want to admit it’s obsessed with Brexit - but viewing of Parliament TV has sky-rocketed to levels never seen before.

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom attempted to drag some good news out of the Brexit debacle today as she revealed that the Houses of Parliament’s live TV feed hit more than one million views in March.

While that probably consists of some very angry and frustrated viewers shouting at their TV screens as they counted down to March 29, perhaps its time to give our politicians their one-hit wonder moment in the sun.

Informing MPs of their growing stardom, the Cabinet minister said: "In March the number of unique viewers on the Parliament live website exceeded one million in a month for the first time.

"To put that in perspective the average in 2019 was around 300,000 a month. So we might be facing a very challenging time in Parliament, but the silver lining is the huge increase in democratic participation."

Silver lining indeed.

Speaker John Bercow can surely claim some credit for thrilling voters at home and abroad, with his bellows of "ORDEERRRR" known to be a big hit among Europeans - while the latest outraged interventions from top Brexiteer Mark Francois can't have hurt.



Let's not overlook the Lords either, who've shown their fair share of sass in recent weeks.



Britain's politicos shouldn't get too complacent, however. While one million is not to be sniffed at, honourable members will really have to pull out all the stops if they want to compete with the likes of BBC record-breaker Bodyguard, which racked up 17 million views.

At least they’ve now got until Hallowe'en to up the ante.

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