WATCH Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: Boris Johnson is my cousin

Written by Total Politics Staff on 29 July 2019 in Diary

Boris Johnson thought he'd gained a new cousin, but instead he was dealt a smackdown.

Dwayne Johnson made the bombshell claim that he had close family ties with the new PM during a press tour for his latest action packed outing with the Fast and Furious franchise

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the WWF superstar joked that he and Boris Johnson not only shared the same surname, but that they were actually blood relations.

"He's family, by the way. You don't know that, but now all Britain knows... he's my cousin.

At 6ft 5 and 118kg (that is 236 lbs to you, Mr Rees-Mogg), it is hard to see the resemblance between the pair, but the WWF superstar said that every time he saw Boris Johnson it was like "looking in the mirror".

On Twitter, the Jumanji star added: "Breaking: PM Boris Johnson is in fact my cousin (though we clearly look more like twins)."

And referring to Mr Johnson's first speech on the steps of Downing Street, he added: "Jokes aside, PM did say something in his speech I liked - 'the people are our bosses'. 100% agree. The people/audience/consumer will always matter most. #ourboss."

But the supportive tweet was deleted after just 15 minutes after the US Democrat backer was flooded with messages pointing out some of his namesake's most controversial comments.

"Well according to the people, maybe we're not related after all," he said. "Big mahalo to my people who I can always rely on to give me the real talk and swift perspective & education on the individual I did not know. Tequila on me, Britain."

It's been less than a week and Boris Johnson has already hit rock bottom.

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