Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling embarrassed by leaked letter to London mayor

7 December 2016

A senior Tory MP said the transport secretary should stand down - and Labour agreed.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss tells MPs that barking dogs can deter drones in prisons

6 December 2016

The justice secretary’s government colleague appeared to be amused by the claim.

Paul Nuttall

Abi Wilkinson: Labour can surely see off Paul Nuttall's reheated Thatcherism

6 December 2016

The message needs to go out that the new Ukip leader is just a Tory who’s changed the colour of his rosette.

Sarah Olney and Tim Farron in Richmond

Steve Richards: As Labour stumbles on Brexit, the Lib Dems are important again

2 December 2016

Labour MPs are all over the place on Brexit, but the Lib Dems have triumphed in Richmond with a clear line on what should happen next.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

Matthew Parris: 2016 - the year in political scorn

30 November 2016

This year has provided a rich crop of abusive, catty, witty, and downright brutal language - often aimed at Michael Gove or Boris Johnson.

Philip Hammond

David Herdson: The time is right for an income tax hike

28 November 2016

Both prudence and politics demand that Philip Hammond abandons out-dated Treasury habits

Nigel Farage

Kevin Maguire: The party's over for Ukip - and Nigel Farage knows it

24 November 2016

Ukip's next leader looks set to be a shaven-headed Scouser who opposes abortion and lacks the manufactured appeal of Farage.

Jeremy Corbyn

Ioan Marc Jones: The left needs to up its pub appeal

16 November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's policies are based on ideas that friends in the boozer struggle to grasp after the third beer and the fourth explanation.

John Major

John Major interview: I didn’t anticipate Maastricht was going to be controversial

24 November 2016

After a bruising EU referendum campaign, and a summer out of the spotlight, former prime minister Sir John Major reflects on his long political career – and insists he has no appetite for making a comeback

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond: I hit the referendum button. Why would Nicola Sturgeon be reluctant?

13 October 2016

The SNP’s elder statesman talks to Mark Leftly about Brexit, boundary changes and why he believes there will be a second independence referendum before 2020.

Margaret Hodge

Margaret Hodge: Corbyn and his clique will never win power

21 September 2016

The former chair of the public accounts committee discusses five years of fighting for taxpayers - and the ongoing battle over Labour's future.

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson beats Ken Clarke to win memoir of the year

7 December 2016

Margaret Hodge was also triumphant in the first ever Parliamentary Book Awards.

James Graham

Top playwright to pen Brexit TV drama

1 December 2016

James Graham's latest political project will look back on the run-up to the historic vote on 23 June.

Book covers

Book review: All Out War & Unleashing Demons

24 November 2016

Tim Shipman has produced the best overall account of the EU referendum battle, while Craig Oliver gets under the skin of the Remain team.