Labour MP backs a winner with Grand National tip-off from Nicholas Soames

10 April 2019

Mystic Soames' big prediction helped a hospice net a windfall after a Labour MP backed the winner.

Jeremy Corbyn crowdsources PMQs questions...again

8 April 2019

Lucky Labour supporters will have opened their inboxes to find an email from Jeremy Corbyn asking them to do his job for him.

Toff Tories mock 'Sajid Chavid' for never attending the opera

5 April 2019

To the shock of his well-heeled colleagues, the Tory heavyweight admitted he'd never attended the opera.

Hardman Steve Baker is the latest panto performance from the Dad’s Army ERG

2 April 2019

Steve Baker’s audition for the next season of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men is yet another example of our toe-curling public discourse.

Major shock as Jacob Rees-Mogg 'backs' John Bercow as next PM

1 April 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg has thrown a curveball into the Tory leadership race as he backed Speaker John Bercow to take the country forward.

Sixty years of life peers: how the Upper Chamber was transformed

1 May 2018

The first 14 life peers were introduced in two special sessions ahead of the 1958 state opening of parliament

Kemi Badenoch interview: 'Lots of people felt bruised after the election.'

20 January 2018

Just seven months after entering parliament, Kemi Badenoch has been handed a key role inside CCHQ overseeing her party’s candidate selection process.