Aides won't let me out in my tracksuit, Jeremy Corbyn tells teenage vlogger

Written by David Singleton on 16 March 2018 in Diary

Watch: CBBC young presenter and vlogger Nikki Lilly sat down with the Labour leader.

The Jeremy Corbyn campaign to short circuit the Westminster village and reach out to the kids continues apace with his latest media appearance

The Labour leader gave an intimate interview to CBBC young presenter and vlogger Nikki Lilly during which he revealed how his aides have enforced a draconian tracksuit ban.

“When I go home every night, I put my tracksuit on,” said Corbyn, during the chat in his Commons office.

“I feel very comfortable in it. You can do anything in a track suit. You can go out. It’s great!

"Although people round here make me stop going out in it. They say, ‘if you are the leader of the Labour Party, you can’t go out in your trackie’!”

The Islington North MP also talked openly about his teenage years, how he disliked the “very strict” regime at his secondary school and his fondness for EastEnders.

Nikki, who has a debilitating rare medical condition AVM which causes headaches, nosebleeds and swelling, won CBBC’s Junior Bake-Off. 

The interview with the Labour leader is part of her series Nikki Lilly Meets… in which she has also met Theresa May.







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