Amber Rudd resigns… and gets her invite to join the naughty corner

Written by David Singleton on 30 April 2018 in Diary

Anna Soubry promised her colleague 'a huge welcome on to our back benches'.

Conservative MPs lined up to pay tribute to Amber Rudd following her dramatic resignation as home secretary.

Arguably the most gushing was Michael Gove, who tweeted about his colleague on the other side of the Brexit divide:

"I’m so sad about Amber’s departure from government - she was a huge asset - brave, principled, thoughtful, humane, considerate and always thinking of the impact of policy on the vulnerable. I hope Amber will be back soon - we need her."

Boris Johnson  - aka the life and soul of the party but not the man you want driving you home at the end of the evening - was also very sorry to see her go:

"Really sad to lose Amber Rudd from Cabinet. A fine colleague who did a great job during last year's terrorist attacks and cares deeply about the people she serves.".

But the most tantalising response to Rudd’s downfall may have been provided by arch-Remainer Anna Soubry, who has been a leading member of the Tory awkward squad ever since Theresa May sacked her in 2016.

In a tweet, Soubry appeared to say that Rudd should soon be prime minister. But before that, she suggested, the ex-home secretary might like to join her (and a few others*) in the Commons ‘naughty corner’.

"V sorry that Amber Rudd has resigned. She is a woman of great courage & immense ability. Amber will be missed in many ways. We’ll give her a huge welcome on to our back benches. If there is any justice she will soon return to the highest of office. Proud to call her my friend."




*Such as Simon Burns, Keith Simpson, Alec Shelbrooke, Dominic Grieve, Bob Neill  and (occasionally) Nicky Morgan.



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