Boris Johnson accused of cosying up to 'fascist'

Written by James Millar on 26 July 2018 in Diary

Typically wordy column attacking Theresa May is overshadowed by news he's chumming up with Steve Bannon 

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has hogged the headlines but not in the way he intended.

Johnson penned the latest diary column in The Spectator magazine in which he attacked Theresa May's approach to Brexit. Having resigned in protest at the Chequers plan last week he was typically wordy in his latest criticism. He claimed the result would not add up to Brexit and instead amounted to "vassalage, satrapy, colony status".

However his article was overshadowed by news that he's been in regular contact with Steve Bannon, founder of the ultra right wing Breitbart news website and until last August chief stategist to US president Donald Trump.

Bannon visited the UK earlier this month and in a series of media interviews he talked up Boris Johnson as a future Prime Minister. He told the Daily Telegraph he was "very impressed" with Johnson. The news that Bannon has switched his affection to Johnson may come as a disappointment to Nigel Farage, previously seen as the UK politician closest to the Trump operation. 

Bannon has also revealed plans to help populist right wing parties across Europe to co-ordinate with a view to controlling the European parliament in Brussels after the 2019 Euro elections.

Buzzfeed revealed that he'd been talking to the former London mayor but sources would not reveal details of their conversations only saying: "I'm sure they weren't discussing the cricket scores."

Labour politicians have lined up to criticise Johnson for cosying up to Bannon and accused him of befriending a 'fascist'.

Neither Boris Johnson's spokesman nor Steve Bannon have commented on the story.


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