David Cameron’s ex-spinner reveals his secret Brexit chat with Theresa May

Written by Dods staff on 5 March 2018 in Diary

The pair are said to be on good terms despite May sacking a host of Cameroons when she became PM.

David Cameron felt "badly let down" by Theresa May during the EU referendum campaign, his former director of communications Craig Oliver said in 2016.

He would not have felt much better when May entered Downing Street and promptly set about putting put as much distance as possible between herself and the former prime minister. Mainly by sacking a host of liberal-minded ministers in what one called the "demobilisation of the Cameroons".

But has all now been forgiven?

So it would seem with the revelation that Cameron provided advice to May ahead of her Mansion House speech on Brexit last week.

Cameron’s former press secretary-turned Tory peer Gabby Bertin told the BBC’s Westminster Hour on Sunday night: "They have spoken actually and she did speak to him before this speech. So they're on pretty good terms... I wasn't privy to the conversation ... But yes they were in contact over the speech you know a couple of days before."

The private chat comes a few months after Cameron was overheard calling Brexit "a mistake not a disaster".

Bertin suggested that Cameron would continue to keep his Brexit interventions in the background, rather than follow in the footsteps of former prime ministers such as Tony Blair and John Major.

"He has no plans at the moment to intervene. He feels very strongly that he should give his successor Theresa May space to set her policies forward," she said.

It means that Cameron can instead focus on writing his memoirs. And on going to the races in his new Peaky Blinders-style flat cap...






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