Disgusted Len McCluskey reveals his hit list of 'Corbyn-hater MPs'

Written by David Singleton on 25 April 2018 in Diary

The Unite boss singled out five Labour MPs for heavy criticism.

Allies of Jeremy Corbyn first revealed what they really thought of various Labour MPs in 2016 when they drew up a secret list of "core" and "hostile". But two years later, who do they hate most now?

Unfortunately, there is yet to be an updated version of the list, said to be drawn up by someone in the leader’s office. But Jeremy Corbyn’s most powerful ally in the trade union movement has provided a clue in the form a blistering article for the New Statesman.

In the piece, Unite boss Len McCluskey says some Labour MPs are using the anti-Semitism row to "attack and undermine" Corbyn.

He singles out five MPs - Chris Leslie, Neil Coyle, John Woodcock, Wes Streeting, and Ian Austin – as "a dismal chorus whose every dirge makes winning a Labour government more difficult".

He adds: "Their determination to divide the party into pro-and anti-Corbyn factions, despite the huge increase in Labour’s vote secured last year under Corbyn’s leadership, ultimately pollutes everything it touches… I look with disgust at the behaviour of the Corbyn-hater MPs who join forces with the most reactionary elements of the media establishment and I understand why there is a growing demand for mandatory reselection."

Hitting back on behalf of the maligned five was Progress director Richard Angell. He said: "True anti-racists on Labour’s traditional left will tell McCluskey where to put his New Statesman article. The issue of anti-Semitism is about the victims of Jew-hate, not McCluskey’s pathetic power play."



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