The hamburger of history - Gerry Adams to write a cookbook

Written by James Millar on 7 August 2018 in Diary

Former Sinn Fein leader promises to reveal recipes that sustained Good Friday Agreement team

In might seem in questionable taste given his Irish republican cause has a long history of hunger strikers but Gerry Adams has revealed he's bringing out a recipe book in time for Christmas.

The tome, to be called 'The Negotiators Cookbook', will contain what he claims are the recipes that kept the team who hammered out the Good Friday Agreement 20 years ago from going hungry.

Speaking at the West Belfast Festival he claimed that the British didn't lay on any food during the peace negotiations. He added: "But as intrepid republicans and being blessed by one or two great cooks these are the recipes that sustained the Irish negotiating team. It contains some of the best-kept secrets of the Irish peace process."

At the same event he revealed a surprising taste for quintessentially British fare when it comes to reading matter. The man who dedicated much of his life to defeating the UK in Northern Ireland told the audience that growing up he was a fan of classic British children's literature like Biggles, Just William and the work of Enid Blyton.

Adams, a former president of Sinn Fein, ex-MP and someone seen as close to the IRA has developed an entirely different persona on Twitter in recent years where he shares his thoughts on rubber ducks, teddy bears and his love for Shrek. 


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