Labour MPs go head-to-head over the ‘extreme views’ of Jeremy Corbyn

Written by Kevin Schofield on 25 May 2018 in Diary

Ian Austin and Chris Williamson do not exactly see eye-to-eye....

A month out from the next crunch EU summit (copyright all newspapers) and the Brexit negotiations could probably be going better. In fact things are going so badly that Tory MP Andrea Jenkyn has quit as a ministerial aide so that she has more time “to fight for Brexit”.

But fortunately for the Government, Labour are still too busy knocking lumps out of themselves to bother about taking advantage of their woes.

Ian Austin MP wrote a piece for PoliticsHome on Thursday bemoaning Labour’s direction under the current leadership and arguing that they are betraying the party’s social democratic traditions.

“The fact is that Labour has never in its history had a leadership as far to the left as this one. Never. And whilst Marxism has always been an important strand of thought for some in the party, previous Labour chancellors would never have said they were working to 'overthrow capitalism' as John McDonnell did…

“The reason I didn’t support Jeremy’s candidacy and have not been persuaded since is because I just don’t think people with track records of extreme views like Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell should lead a mainstream party.”

This has now been followed up with Corbyn loyalist Chris Williamson giving the case for the defence.

He insists that Corbyn is the “saviour” of the Labour party and argues: “Ian might not like it, but the fact is the neoliberal economic agenda, that so bedazzled the New Labour administration, is a busted flush.”

And he accuses Austin of being “stuck in a New Labour timewarp”.

Unity, comrades!

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