Latest emergency reshuffle results in the rise of the Jeremys

Written by David Singleton on 10 July 2018 in Diary

The lowdown on Jeremy Hunt and Jeremy Wright (and the other middle-aged men who got new cabinet jobs).

After two cabinet resignations within 24 hours on Monday, Theresa May found herself carrying an emergency reshuffle for the fourth time in her premiership.

So who were the big winners and what are their claims to fame?



Jeremy Hunt – new foreign secretary is very rich

The longest-serving health secretary in history was finally put in charge of a great office of state after six years overseeing one of the trickiest Whitehall briefs.

But is the new job really a poisoned chalice for a politician who is said to be on manoeuvres for the Tory leadership? It means that Hunt is no longer in charge of a brief that will resonate with all those Tory MPs who want to see extra cash for the NHS. It also means he has less time work the tearooms and bars of Westminster.

Hunt is reported to be the richest member of the cabinet, having sold his online education listings business Hotcourses for more than £30m in 2017. He is also the only parliamentarian to have almost hit someone with the end of a bell.





Jeremy Wright – new culture secretary said prisoners hate books

Wright is undoubtedly the lesser-known of the three Jeremys now on the frontline of British politics. The former attorney-general has been seen by some as a slightly unusual choice to oversee the culture, media and sport brief for a number of reasons.

1. Because during more than 13 years in Parliament he has said the word "digital" twice, according to the official record.

2. Because doesn’t have an active Twitter account.

3. Because he once defended the so-called book ban in jails which has since been overturned by declaring: "Prisoners aren't sitting around wondering where their next Jane Austen novel is going to come from."


Matt Hancock - new health secretary sung happy birthday to himself at Tory conference

A former special adviser to George Osborne, Hancock was one of the few allies of the former chancellor to survive May’s arrival in Downing Street.

At 39, he is the youngest member of the cabinet and is famous in Westminster for setting up his own app. He gets on well with a number of lobby journalists – many of whom where awestruck by his enthusiastic rendition of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now at the 2018 Tory party conference. Moments earlier he had taken to the stage to sing: "Happy birthday Matt Hancock, happy birthday to you."

Hancock will be disappointed to be shifted from DCMS where he was enjoying learning to moonwalk and getting into parkour.





Dominic Raab – new Brexit secretary

Raab is a prominent leave campaigner who is best known for not getting on with his former diary secretary and allegedly eating the same Pret-a-Manger meal every day.

The former aide told the Mirror recently: “He has the chicken Caesar and bacon baguette, superfruit pot and the vitamin volcano smoothie, every day. He is so weird. It’s the Dom Raab Special."

Raab later denied this but admitted: “I do love a good chicken caesar baguette from Pret.”

After his appointment was announced Labour MPs expressed concern about his record on protecting workers' rights and his clumsy claim last year that people who use food banks had “cash flow problems”.

Meanwhile Labour aides spent Monday morning circulating a link to a 2011 article by Raab calling feminists "obnoxious bigots".



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