Michael Gove gets 'savaged by a cabbage' - but refuses to make a meal of it

Written by David Singleton on 27 June 2018 in Diary

Liz Truss made a bad joke about her colleague. But did it actually come from the pen of Gove himself?

Liz Truss has followed up her free-wheeling piece in the Telegraph showing how she hopes to rebrand herself and make Conservatism hip again with a headline-grabbing speech.

In her address , the chief secretary to the Treasury queried Gavin Williamson’s manliness. More alarmingly, she also questioned Michael Gove’s fight against plastics:

“Government’s role should not be to tell us what our tastes should be.

“Too often we’re hearing about not drinking too much…

…eating too many doughnuts…

drinking from disposable cups through plastic straws…

…or enjoying the warm glow of our wood-burning Goves — I mean stoves.

“I can see their point: there’s enough hot air and smoke at the environment department already.”

For his part, Gove has refused to rise to the bait with The Guardian’s Pippa Crerar tweeting that: “People around Michael Gove seem remarkably relaxed about this. Suspect a slightly bad joke from Liz Truss is least of government’s problems right now,”

The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire also reckoned that the lameness of the joke was the main reason why Gove was not biting back. “Michael Gove knows what it’s like to be savaged by a cabbage when Liz Truss attacks him. She’s Chris Grayling with better hair,” he jibed.

But Bloomberg’s Rob Hutton had another explanation – apparently Gove “helped Truss to write the jokes in her speech”.







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