Michael Gove tried to get down with the kids and it went as badly as you might expect

Written by Eleanor Langford on 26 November 2019 in Diary

Michael Gove attempted to show off his rap credentials on Twitter and nobody was impressed.

The Tory candidate hit back at claims he wasn’t a rapper by quoting Stormzy lyrics, to the dismay of his followers.

“I set trends dem man copy,” the cabinet minister tweeted, quoting Stormzy’s 2015 hit ‘Shut Up’.

This bizarre response was not loved by Twitter, with The Independent’s political correspondent Ashley Cowburn calling it “possibly the worst ever tweet by a cabinet minister”.



It comes after Gove commented on Stormzy’s rapping abilities in response to the chart-topping grime star’s show of support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Posting on Instagram on Tuesday night, Stormzy said he’d be voting for Corbyn on December 12 because the Labour leader is “committed to giving the power back to the people.”

But, unimpressed by this intervention, Gove responded: “He is a far, far better rapper than he is a political analyst.”

Many were quick to question whether Gove was a good judge of rap ability, including Labour candidate Angela Rayner.

She even went one step further, hinting that she doubted Gove’s politically abilities as well.

“And Michael Gove is crap at both,'' she tweeted, responding to the Tory candidate’s views on Stormzy.

Gove, eager to prove that he does know about rap, was quick to fire back with one of Stormzy’s lines.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from second-hand embarrassment to outright disgust.







But, Angela Rayner was unfazed by Gove’s clapback, writing back “played ya self” -  a reference to American artist DJ Khaled.

Stormzy is yet to respond to Michael Gove’s comments, or the use of his lyrics. 

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