MPs celebrate the retreat of 'the Godfather of Fleet Street'

Written by David Singleton on 7 June 2018 in Diary

As Paul Dacre resigns, does Boris Johnson want his job at the Daily Mail?

"Paul Dacre has been an utterly malign influence in Britain, turning ordinary people's lives into commodities, spreading paranoia about migrants and foreigners, stigmatising LGBT people and attacking those he disagrees with."

So said Labour's Chris Bryant on Twitter last night, after it emerged that the notorious Daily Mail editor is to stand down from the gig he has held since 1992 to become chairman and editor-in-chief of Associated Newspapers.

A similar sentiment was expressed more abruptly by fellow Labour MP Barry Sheerman, who stated: "I won't miss the malign influence of Paul Dacre."

Other MPs weaponised fellow Twitter users to get their point across. Labour’s Anna Turley retweeted Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire who reckoned that Dacre was "the Godfather of Fleet Street" but "catastrophic Brexit was his lash hurrah". And the SNP’s Angus MacNeil appeared to endorse a view that Dacre was set to "go into hiding before the hysterical mob that he's whipped up realise the truth about Brexit".

Would any Tory MPs use their social media clout to stick up for the outgoing Daily Mail editor?

Apparently not, with Nicholas Soames leading the Conservative charge by stating “it's impossible to over estimate Dacre's poison at The Mail”. He added: “No man can be called a great Editor who permits the headline that the Judges are the ‘Enemies of the People’.”

A slightly different take was offered by Boris Johnson. According to The Sun’s Westminster correspondent Harry Cole, the foreign secretary responded to the news by swearing and then throwing his hat in the ring.

Cole told his followers: “Just bumped into Boris Johnson and mentioned the Dacre news.. ‘fucking hell...’. Added shortly ‘I’m not ruling it out’.”

It’s not clear if Johnson was joking…




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