Rupa Huq experiments with novel approach to taking on Boris Johnson

Written by David Singleton on 9 August 2018 in Diary

Watch: The Labour MP did a remarkable impression of the top Tory.

As Boris Johnson continues to come under heavy attack from his own side following his continued refusal to apologise for his controversial descriptions of fully veiled Muslim women, how is Labour managing to stay in the story?

The last press release sent out by the party on the issue was on 7 August. It had shadow equalities minister Naz Shah saying that an apology would not be enough and ambitiously suggesting that Johnson should “attend training and engagement with the Muslim community”.

Since then Shah has accused the Conservatives of failing to act, saying: “Presented with obvious Islamophobia from Boris Johnson, both Theresa May and Brandon Lewis have done nothing.”

Yvette Cooper also had a robust response to the news that Johnson had rejected the Tory chairman's call for him to apologise. “This has all been deliberate by Boris Johnson. He has a history of playing inflammatory games with racism & whipping up division just to get attention or pursue his own self interest. Appalling man,” she stated.

Meanwhile another Labour MP took a rather different approach  - with a bizarre impersonation of the former foreign secretary during a chat on Channel 4 News. 

Alas Rupa Huq ‘s risqué language meant that she was swiftly cut off by host Krishnan Guru-Murthy…









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