Tony Blair channels his inner Elton John as politicians unite for vision campaign

Written by David Singleton on 20 March 2018 in Diary

Watch: Various politicians donned specs to call for action from Commonwealth leaders.

How to drum up publicity for a campaign to tackle uncorrected poor vision, which affects 900 million Commonwealth citizens who do not have access to glasses?

Step one: get a bunch of well-known politicians to speak out.

Step two: have them to do so wearing glasses.

Step three: persuade at least one of them to look slightly ridiculous while doing so.

In this manner, an impressive cross-party group of politicians are calling on heads of government to commit to vision for the Commonwealth when they meet next month.

Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock, Jack Straw, Rushanara Ali, Tulip Siddiq, Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Caroline Lucas and Sir David Amess have all thrown their weight behind the Clearly campaign.

According to Blair: “Tackling the global issue of poor vision is about giving people the chance they deserve to get the best start in life, support their family and fulfill their potential.

“We do not stand a chance of achieving our Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 if we do not tackle this issue. We now have a brief window of opportunity to unite world leaders behind this vision.”

Despite the abuse hurled at him on a regular basis, Blair is still standing…






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