Con Air: Former Tory PM's bodyguard sparks panic by leaving pistol in plane toilet

5 February 2020

A passenger heading for Heathrow got more than they bargained for after they allegedly found a handgun and a copy of David Cameron's passport in a toilet cubicle.

Toadying Tory MPs line up to defend PM amid Number 10 journalist walkout

4 February 2020

Tory MPs were quick to defend the Prime Minister against accusations he was diminishing press freedoms following a major spat with political journalists.

Nigel Farage vows to bring his own bongs to Brexit bash after Big Ben ban by 'bureaucrats'

23 January 2020

Nigel Farage has launched a fresh bid to get Big Ben's iconic bongs to mark the moment the UK leaves the EU.

Sixty years of life peers: how the Upper Chamber was transformed

1 May 2018

The first 14 life peers were introduced in two special sessions ahead of the 1958 state opening of parliament

Kemi Badenoch interview: 'Lots of people felt bruised after the election.'

20 January 2018

Just seven months after entering parliament, Kemi Badenoch has been handed a key role inside CCHQ overseeing her party’s candidate selection process.

Cobra star Robert Carlyle felt sorry for Theresa May after playing PM role in new Sky thriller

17 January 2020

The star of Sky One's latest political thriller said he felt sympathy for embattled PM Theresa May after filming the show which focuses on the government's response to a major natural disaster.

Official Secrets: Tony Blair’s ‘naivety still stinks’ for whistleblower film director

18 October 2019

“Katharine Gun was an ordinary person who did something extraordinary,” is how director Gavin Hood describes the real-life subject of his latest film. For those with short memories, Gun was the GCHQ-based Mandarin translator who leaked a classified memo from the CIA that urged spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through a resolution to go to war in Iraq. When the memo appeared on the front page of the Observer and she admitted to her actions, Gun found herself charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, and her lawyers set out to defend her actions. 

Does Nigel Farage work hard enough? Steve Bannon says not

10 June 2019

Nigel Farage doesn’t work hard enough and it’s a British thing, according to Steve Bannon in the new documentary exploring the inner world of Trump’s self-professed kingmaker.