Brexiteers performing in Eurovision win 2018 Political Cartoon of the Year

Written by Dods staff on 28 November 2018 in Culture

Boris Johnson and David Davis' band was called 'Fucks Bizz'

Congratulations to Peter Brookes of The Times who has scooped the big prize at the 2018 Political Cartoon of the Year Awards.

Brookes – who has previously talked to TP about the art of poking fun at politicians – grabbed the top gong for a cartoon showing Boris Johnson fronting an aptly-named Spice Girls meets Bucks Fizz-style outfit at the Eurovision Song Contest.  

Also in the band were fellow Brexiteers Jacob Rees Mogg, David Davis and Michael Gove.



To get first prize, Brookes saw off competition from 29 rival works. Of the 30 cartoons in the running, seven lampooned Johnson and nine went big on May.

There were also two cartoons which tried to imagine various Tories as contestants on Love Island. For the Sunday Express, Scott Clissold had Johnson kicking May on the beach, while Davis dug a grave for the PM in the sand and Gove looked on.

You can see what else Brookes was up against here.



At the ceremony in Westminster hosted by public affairs headhunters Ellwood & Atwood, former Brexit secretary David Davis was on hand to present the award. Brookes thanked him -  “but not for Brexit”.

Also seizing the opportunity to bash a Brexit-backing Tory was Yvette Cooper. Taking aim at the beleaguered prime minister, Cooper declared to much laughter:

“Theresa May thinks that by dancing, she can go from long-suffering MP to national treasure.

“Well, Theresa — I know Ed Balls. I married Ed Balls … and you are no Ed Balls.”



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