Gina Miller to write memoir about ‘a life in which I have rarely backed down’

Written by Rod Muir on 25 August 2017 in Culture

The businesswoman who won a Brexit legal challenge against the government  hopes that her book will inspire others.

Leading anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller is writing a memoir that will be a "rallying cry" for women to make their voices heard.

The book will be published in August 2018 and will cover Miller’s work challenging Brexit, her fight for ethical conduct in the financial industry and challenges she has overcome in her personal life.

Miller said: "I have become the person I am today, as a result of both the successes and the scars in my life. A life in which I have rarely backed down and whose lessons I hope to share within this book. I very much hope through my stories, readers are able to be happier with who they are and how they live their lives."

The memoir is called Rise, with the title inspired by Maya Angelou’s classic poem Still I Rise: ‘You may write me down in history / With your bitter, twisted lies, / You may trod me in the very dirt / But still, like dust, I’ll rise.’

Miller said: "Maya Angelou’s poem – its tone of defiance in the face of increasing hostility, hate and defamation – was definitely one source of inspiration for the book. The poem beautifully encapsulates what it is to be subject to abuse and to be unbowed by it: to answer it by continuing to rise. I’d like to pay homage to a woman who has inspired me, and I deeply hope that my book might inspire others."

The businesswoman, who won a Brexit legal challenge against the government, recently revealed that she has been receiving threats of acid attacks for months and is afraid to leave her home. She has had 24-hour security installed in her home, hired security guards and her family now rarely leave the house at weekends.

Miller will write the book with the novelist and journalist Elizabeth Day. Publishers Canongate described Rise as "a rallying cry, offering guidance and confidence to women in particular for making their voices heard, claiming their own stories, and finding strength in adversity".



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